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Alicia is a Functional Nutrition Consultant and Health & Wellness Coach who is passionate about empowering people with the knowledge they need to achieve and maintain good health and vitality.

She helps her clients wade through the mountains of confusing and often misleading information available on what is healthy.

Alicia has worked in the corporate field and in education, but it was her most important job as a mum that sparked her love of researching all things nutrition and gut health. Frustrated with mainstream medical advice, Alicia successfully managed her son's health problems by researching for herself.

Alicia works for Kultured Wellness as a health coach and also runs her own business, Berry Good Life, where she offers a number of services to clients to empower them to improve their health.  

Alicia found the following pages and groups informative and supportive during her journey:

Dr Jae Chun

Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole

Breast Implant Illness - (Australia & New Zealand) Awareness and Support

Listen to Other Episodes

Episode 1: Kulturing Kuriosity with Kirsty Wirth

In this episode, I get deep into my own journey and share with you my intentions for this podcast and all the exciting guests we have lined up. Get ready to get inspired and spark that curiosity. 

Episode 2: Kulturing Kuriosity with Cyndi O'Meara

This episode features the fearless Cyndi O’Meara who tells us about a time when she was in her 50’s and what she discovered about the ketogenic diet. 

Episode 3: Kulturing Kuriosity with Alexx Stuart

In this episode I am joined by Alexx Stuart, founder of Low Tox Life. We discuss how tonsillitis plagued her until she had a wonderful consult with a naturopath who really changed the course of how she investigated her health, the questions that she asked and taught her the importance of forming a great partnership with a practitioner.

Episode 5: Kulturing Kuriosity with Brad Leech

In this episode, I have a fantastic chat with Brad Leech, who is a clinical nutritionist, Ayurvedic specialist and currently studying his PhD in intestinal permeability.

Episode 6: Kulturing Kuriosity with Steph Lowe

Coming soon.


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