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Alexx Stuart is the author of “Low Tox Life” and the founder of the thriving online education hub by the same name.

It is made up of several e-courses, a podcast (one of the highest ranked in the health category in Australia), recipes, articles and community action resources for an ever growing community of people wanting to be healthier and make our planet happier. 

She’s an educator, change agent, author, columnist, speaker and consultant at the forefront of a movement that’s non-judgmental and tough on the system that got us here. 

Some of her highlights include:
TEDX speaker 2016 “Shaping the world with our shopping basket”
Low Tox Life, the book, debuted in the TOP 5 in Booktopia rankings
No.1 “New and Noteworthy” podcast for iTunes Australia
Best selling USA amazon.com author “Real Treats”
Ranked Top 20 in gluten free desserts for 3 years
Voted by Prevention Magazine Australia No1 in their top 10
Wellness Oriented Instagram accounts, 2013

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Alexx’s mould story in more detail

Alexx’s podcast interview about CIRS

Alexx’s podcast discussing her journey with mould

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In this episode, I have a fantastic chat with Brad Leech, who is a clinical nutritionist, Ayurvedic specialist and currently studying his PhD in intestinal permeability.

Episode 6: Kulturing Kuriosity with Steph Lowe

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