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Ways You Can Work With Us...


Option 1: BioScreen Test & Practitioner Consultation


One of our Mottos at Kultured Wellness is: 'Test, Don't Guess'... And you can do exactly that with a BioScreen Stool Analysis test which shows exactly what is going on in your gut microbiome. It is an incredible first step in your gut-health journey. Once you're results come back, you'll be able to book a consultation with one of our Naturopathic  Practitioners who can walk you through the results, what they mean & recommend which Kultured Wellness Program would best suit your needs. 



Option 2: Tailored One-On-One Program 

Our one-on-one program is our most tailored, supportive approach. In this program, you will work directly with our health practitioners and coaches who will support you on your individual health journey. You will have access to intensive regular consultations with your coach, access to our private Facebook group & also to our deeper online course information if you would like to use this. 

This program is perfect for you if you;

✅Need the extra support

✅Have a complex health issue

✅Have a child with needs

✅Tried everything else and still have complex issues



Option 3: Online Guided Programs

Our online guided programs are a condensed version of everything we've learnt over the past 10 years of helping ourselves and our clients rebalance their gut. It's an incredible, unique mix of practitioner consultations, supplements, guided online weekly learning, health coach & community support.  

This program is perfect for you if you;

✅Are a self-directed learner

✅Love to delve deep into learning about gut health

✅Are motivated to change your health


Our Unique Approach To Optimal Gut Health

Hundreds of our clients are changing their lives daily and experiencing freedom of life. Using the latest research and science our program and our team support you to heal your gut through a unique combination of diet, supplements, lifestyle and most importantly knowledge! You can find out more about our unique approach in the video below!


Individual Naturopath Consultations

Handmade Practitioner Supplements

Self-Paced Online Learning Platform

Supportive Private Facebook Group

What Our Client's Say...

"Kultured Wellness & Kirsty Wirth have been monumental in my understanding of cultures and helping my family. Kirsty came into my life when I was looking for the perfect yogurt culture when my daughter was struggling with GUT issues after her wisdom teeth were removed and was given unauthorized intravenous prophylactic broad-spectrum antibiotics (her first ever antibioitic at the age of 23). Kirsty coached my daughter through the program. When we started Casie had difficulty with many foods, now her food choices are many. Thanks Kirsty for now being an advocate for so many people with health and GUT issues, your research and dedication to finding the truth is commendable. You have a never die attitude that has provided information and help for many people with health issues."

Cyndi O'Meara
Founder Of Changing Habits

"I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s over 20 years ago. Being a mother of two young children I took my thyroxine and put up with constantly feeling exhausted. About four years ago I went sugar free then gluten free and eventually Paleo. With each diet change, I felt better but still felt something wasn’t quite right. A few years ago, I discovered I had fibroids. After watching one of Kirsty’s online workshops, I realised that the brain fog that wouldn’t shift may be due to candida. I’ve always had a white tongue but my GP had never mentioned it was an issue. I signed up to do the 10 week Kickstarter and Candida Cleanse. I’m pleased to say my brain fog has cleared up and I feel better than I have in nearly 30 years. The biggest improvement in my health however has been totally unexpected. For as long as I can remember, I have experienced a three-week menstrual cycle with regular spotting. In June last year my periods suddenly got very heavy and painful to the point that I was missing 1 or 2 days of work. I visited a gynaecologist who recommended an IUD but I wasn’t sure and asked for some time to think about it. The other option was a partial hysterectomy. My first period after starting the KW Kickstarter program in March was pain free with no clotting. It was the second month that I realised my spotting had stopped and my cycle had reverted to nearly five weeks. Not only that, my period had gone from 10+ days to only three. I’m pleased to say my periods have now been normal for nearly 6 months and I cancelled the followup appointment with the gynaecologist. In addition, I can no longer feel my fibroids. An ultrasound later this month will reveal if they have shrunk."


"My body didn’t reflect how I was treating it. I lived predominantly a whole food, real food nutrition approach, I was as active as I could be as a single mum with two kids, yet I was one bliss ball away from being a curled up bloated mess on the couch. Dinner bookings at restaurants with friends had become a point of increased anxiety and looking at the menu ahead of time didn’t prevent the uncomfortableness that was inevitable at the end of a dinner out with friends. Whilst I didn’t want to admit it at the time, I often felt depressed, anxious and was often quite irritable. I couldn’t get through my days without a ‘nana nap’. I’d take trips to the supermarket for blocks of chocolate and consume them in one sitting; almost watching myself thinking ‘why am I doing this. This behaviour was not at all in line with my values, beliefs or ideals around nutrition. I knew this isn’t who I wanted to be as a mum, as an employee, as a business woman or as a person. Thanks to Kirsty and the incredible team of Health coaches at Kultured wellness, I have been equipped with knowledge, support, guidance and been given many beneficial tools to overcome the challenges of having an imbalanced gut imposes. I am now without a doubt a better mum, a more energetic and content version of myself; a version of myself I would not and do not believe I could have found without Kultured Wellness and their life saving gut healing programs."


"The Kultured Wellness Program has certainly been life changing for me. I had many symptoms that I never thought were gut related. I had tried many programs and spent quite a substantial amount of money on doctors. I never saw improvements. It was only after hearing Kirsty speak at a retreat, where she went through a list of health issues and related them to gut health, that I wondered if that was my problem. Practically all the symptoms/health issues mentioned, were mine. It was a light bulb moment for me. I joined the program and testing showed I did indeed have significant gut dysbiosis. I have worked hard over the last 6 months to restore the balance in my gut and the Kultured Wellness team have been so supportive. Kirsty is such a wealth of knowledge and my health coach has been amazing. Their wisdom and advice has taught me so much. It has enabled me to listen to my body and to know what to do if I ever feel out of kilter. I also know what to eat to support my microbiome and I will never go back. I am very grateful. Nourishing my gut has been key to the restoration of my health and well being. I would encourage anyone who has never received the answers they were looking for, to give the Kultured Wellness program a try."


Meet Kirsty

I’m just like you...

Gut health has affected myself and my family. And like you, I want the best for those around me. I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them rebalance their gut and transform their lives. 

I am a Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, Mindd Ambassador, nature lover, traveler, outdoor enthusiast, a wife and mother of two children. 

I am also the founder of Kultured Wellness a company dedicated to providing education, knowledge and products for optimum health and specifically gut health.

I have been featured in many leading podcasts in the wellness space discussing gut health!

Read More About Kirsty Here

Meet Your Team

Our team is made of specialised practitioners & health coaches. Just like you, they have been in the trenches and dealt with the pain of gut health issues. They, like me have learnt so much and can't wait to support you.

Melonie Thompson

Naturopath and Herbalist

Paige Redford

Naturopath and Herbalist

Nikki Kachum

Integrative Health Coach and Pilates Instructor

Lori Jaggard

Gaps Practitioner and Integrative Health Coach

Michelle Lambert

Integrative Health Coach

Want To Chat To A Health Coach?

If you have a question about the program or want to know if it will help with your specific health concern, just email us & we'll arrange for one of our health coaches to give you a call!

Are You Ready To Embrace A Healthier Future?

This program represents my last 10 years of dedicated research and development. I have spent thousands of hours or research and hundreds of thousands of dollars travelling the world to find and interview doctors, specialists and leading health practitioners to find out what IS proven to work and where this amazing field of research is developing.  

I love understanding and implementing the latest knowledge in the area of gut health and brain function. Everyone I meet with are equally as excited! Leading doctors and specialists from all over the world are amazed with more and more proof every day.

This area of research is one of the most rapidly evolving spaces and literally millions of lives around the world are being changed every day thanks to a new level of understanding of how to transform your health.

No longer do people need to live with being frustrated, lost, desperate and confused.

Everyday people are now enjoying a new lease on life with all previous symptoms or diagnosis being reversed or eliminated all together!

Kultured Wellness Optimal Gut Health Program is a proven way to implement this knowledge in a format that everyone can experience the same amazing results. 

Achieving rocking gut health and the life and state of mind we all deserve is now a decision, not luck!

Over the past year we have had literally hundreds of people, just like you go through this program with amazing results.

I am so proud and also honoured to be able to support our clients to transform their lives day by day and our program is like nothing else available today.

If you feel this time is right for you, I would love to give you some Kultured Wellness support on your journey to balance your gut, ignite you brain and reshape your life in the fastest way possible.

Kirsty x


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