Optimal Gut Health Program

Optimal Gut Health Program Instant Access

✅ 3 x Private 1 on 1 45 minute Practitioner Consultations 

✅ 6 Months of Online Learning Programs 
FULL 8 week Kickstarter Program
Candida Cleanse Program x 2
Parasite Cleanse Program
Viral Cleanse Program
Food Reintroduction Program
Lifestyle Program

✅ 7 days a week online coach support for 6 months

✅ 6 months BONUS access to our alumni education and support platform Kulture Krew

✅ Detox Tools & Cultures

4 x Coconut Yoghurt Starter Culture 
4 x Coconut Kefir Starter Culture
1 x Immune Tea
1 x Sleep Tea
1 x Diversity Dough Starter Culture
1 x Bentonite Clay 1kg
2 x Natures Sunshine Activated Charcoal 
1 x Enema Kit  
1 x Gutalicious Cookbook

✅ Practitioner Only Supplements
4 x Digestive Enzymes
2 x Biofilm Herbal Liquid
2 x Candida Cleanse Herbal Liquid
1 x Powerful Antioxidants Herbal Liquid
1 x Parasite Cleanse Herbal Liquid
1 x Viral Cleanse Herbal Liquid
1 x Liver Herbal Liquid Support
1 x Kidney Herbal Liquid Support
1 x Gut Sealing Powder

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