Microba Testing

What Is The Microba Test?

Test Don't Guess...

A Microba Stool Analysis will enable you to stop guessing as to what the root cause of your health concerns are and get right to the guts (pardon the pun :)) of it. 

It may seem weird and a bit confronting preparing a stool test at home and then posting it off to a lab but I can honestly say for me the information that I received when I did my first Microba test was life changing. I finally had the answers to why I was constantly bloated, why I was always sick with a terrible sore throat every time I was run down and why I had constant diarrhoea and cramping. I finally discovered that it wasn't normal and there was an answer and more importantly a treatment path to slowly rebalancing my body.

Kirsty x

Ordering Steps

Step 1: Order Your Microba Test Kit

Microba testing is approximately $349.00 (this does not include the interpretation consult with a practitioner). 


Step 2: Take The Sample & Send It Off

Your kit will arrive with instructions so you will be able to do the stool test at home & send it off via Australia Post.

Step 3: Wait For Your Results & Book A Consult

Your results will be sent back to us within 4 weeks at which point we will contact you to let you know your results are in! You will need to book in a 60 minutes consultation with one of our practitioners so we can help you interpret the results which will cost $165.

Ready To Test?

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