Confidence in the Kitchen School Lunchbox Term will provide you with...


Build upon your already existing Lunchbox knowledge and skills to learn techniques you can implement to enhance the nutritional component of your child's lunchbox each day.


Gain the confidence you will need to make recipes that will continuously nourish your child's gut! Feel confident in preparing gut-friendly meals, snacks + more!!

What is Confidence in the Kitchen: Lunchbox Edition?

If you have a child that has allergies or sensitivities, or if you are just trying to improve the nutritional content of what goes into your child’s lunchbox, you will understand how difficult putting together a nourishing and delicious lunchbox can be. 

I understand how overwhelming it can be and that there are times where a trip to the bakery on the way to school is so much easier than putting together a nutritious lunchbox.  I personally LOVE creating nourishing lunchboxes for my children and I love it even more when their lunchboxes come home empty.  I see it as a gift to be the one who gets to nourish my children each day.  The foods I place in my children's lunchbox set the foundation for their emotional regulation, learning potential, and their social experiences.

The School Lunchboxes edition of Confidence In the Kitchen is dedicated to setting you up for success when it comes to putting together your children’s lunchboxes. In these pre-recorded classes, we work through bulk cooking techniques to ensure you don't wake up to a bare cupboard, and I guide you as you build on the practical skills that will set you up to be creating the most gut-nourishing, nutrient-dense lunchboxes with flow and ease!

During the 8 weeks of previous class replays, we prepare GUT friendly mains and snacks. We create brain fuelling food options with a focus on fermenting and I demonstrate ways in which you can build your skills and become a boss when it comes to cresting lunchboxes your children will love.

8 Weeks of Online Classes with Kirsty

Week 1: Setting yourself Up for Success 

Week 2: Power House Must-Haves 

Week 3: Brain Food and Blood Sugar

Week 4: Catering for Fussy Eaters 

Week 5: Brain Break and Recess 

Week 6: Being Prepared with Bulk Cooking 

Week 7: Nourishing Main Meals 

Week 8: Class Party 

Join Me Now to Build Your Confidence in the Kitchen!

8 Week Course 

- 8 Weeks of  Cooking Classes

- Access to Recordings and Exclusive Content 

Price: $98.50

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