VIDEO 2: How Diet Influences The Microbiome With Dr Alena Pribyl

VIDEO 2: How Diet Influences The Microbiome With Dr Alena Pribyl


In this video, we cover…

  • How diet can impact the microbiome both positively & negatively
  • Why diversity of bacteria is essential for good health
  • Which foods have a negative effect on our microbiome
  • Which foods help to support the growth of good bacteria
  • The role of resistant starch & prebiotics fibres

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About Dr Alena Pribyl

Dr Alena Pribyl is a senior scientist at Microba, a microbial genomics company that provides metagenomic gut microbiome profiles. Alena has a PhD in fish physiology where she investigated physiological and molecular biomarkers of stress. Later, she worked in science policy and developed a passion for science communication. Four years ago, she arrived in Australia and started investigating the human gut microbiome using molecular biology at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics at the University of Queensland. She developed the science content for a platform to present metagenomic gut microbiome profiles to the public that later became the basis for Microba’s Insight report.


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