Meet The Team...

Kirsty Wirth - Founder

Kirsty Wirth is a Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, Mindd Ambassador, nature lover, traveler, outdoor enthusiast, a wife and mother of two children. Kirsty is also the founder of Kultured Wellness a company dedicated to providing education, knowledge and products for optimum health and specifically gut health.

Her area of interest lies in making all types of fermented gut loving foods, using food as our number one medicine, understanding the science around gut health and brain neurogenesis and how the correct lifestyle, environment and diet can positively impact gut health.

Drawing on years of research and applying what she’s learnt in the treatment of herself and her own son, Kirsty now educates others on how to investigate the root cause behind underlying health conditions and how vital diet, environmental and lifestyle changes can be. She is also the brain child behind the development of the Kultured Wellness Program and lifestyle. The program being so successful in providing support, education and guidance to those who wish to rebuild their gut and in fact their lives and find optimum health.

She is truly passionate about the health of our community and especially the health of our children ensuring our next generation reaches their full potential.

Ellen Tattan - Head Naturopath

Ellen is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist who has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) with years of clinical experience and is highly passionate about all things health and wellness.

Ellen knew from a very young age that she wanted to help people and is now completely invested in supporting her clients through all stages of life by helping them to achieve optimal health and vitality.

Ellen has an extensive understanding of biochemical processes in many conditions throughout the body and how to ensure optimal functioning through natural medicine. Using pathology and functional testing along with evidence based research and treatment methods is highly important to her. To add to this, she is passionate about keeping up with the latest research which is so important in such a fast paced growing industry.

Education is a huge part of your health journey which is why Ellen is so excited about teaching you the in’s and out’s to your treatment so you can be informed and empowered to make the changes needed.

Ellen looks forward to seeing you for a consult during your programs.

Nikki Kachum - Health Coach

Nikki is a gut health coach and Pilates instructor. She loves working with clients to support and help them navigate their gut healing journeys and  start thriving.

As a mum, Nikki understands the challenges of managing not only her own health but her families needs.  Nikki is extremely passionate about gut health after seeing for herself the amazing changes that gut healing has bought to her life.

Nikki has completed the 6 months Kultured Wellness  program herself and therefore really deeply understands all the ups and downs that the healing process can bring and how that feels physically and mentally. 

Her interest in taking care of her health in all areas meant she was drawn to mind body movement modalities at a young age and became a Pilates instructor over 11 years ago. She loves to bring in this knowledge of anatomy and movement to her coaching with her Kultured Wellness clients. 

Nikki is currently studying naturopathy and herbal medicine in order to deepen her understanding of natural healing.  

Kylie Penn - Client Programs Manager

Kylie is the client programs manager here at Kultured Wellness. She is uniquely placed to support our clients having a career in health and functional nutrition qualifications. Kylie is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree, a certified GAPS practitioner and a functional Nutrition coach. 

Kylie has also completed the Kultured Wellness 6 month program to address her own gut health issues. The program was transformational for her and her family. Kylie has a passion for gut health, is a super keen fermenter loves the honour and empowerment that comes with providing her family with nourishing whole foods. Kylie also really loves pulling apart the latest research and sharing it in an understandable way, combining evidence, experience and common sense.

Lily Rodden - Customer Support

Lily is the beautiful person responding to all of your emails. She has had a passion for health and wellness for most of her life and loves learning about gut health and supporting all of our clients throughout our programs.

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family outdoors, swimming in the ocean, getting creative in the kitchen and the occasional yoga class!

Ellisa Oaten 

Ellisa is a qualified Integrative and Functional Nutrition health coach, with a background in corporate marketing and running of her own business.  Like many of us, found that the modern day stressors of life and eating the ‘Standard Australian Diet’ was showing signs that were leading to chronic illnesses in her family.

A mum on a mission to turn around her family’s health completed the 6-month Kultured Wellness Gut Health Protocol and therefore fully understands the commitment, requirements, challenges and support that is needed throughout the gut healing journey.  Post program appreciates the experience what it feels like to have a thriving digestion and vibrant energy levels.

A passion in researching and sharing all things about gut and hormone health, Ellisa turned her focus to empowering and supporting individuals and families during the Online Kultured Wellness Protocols.  Offering a unique sense of guiding peers to take control of their health during their healing journey and loves sharing simple easy ways to incorporate nutrient dense whole foods into everyday life.  



Michelle Lambert

Michelle has a background in senior corporate roles and running her own business that spans decades. Like many others, Michelle found the pressure most of us find ourselves in with work and family life took a toll on her lifestyle and subsequent health. Realising at last that she was in an intolerable situation she decided to find the cause of these many health issues and addressed them. In early 2016 Michelle undertook the Kultured Wellness Program with a view to overcoming her many food intolerances and gut problems. Not only did the program address these issues but it also cleared up a plethora of other symptoms that she had considered as just being part of getting older. These included a foggy head, dry skin, thin hair, pains in joints, low energy levels, weak nails and other things that were “annoying” , but it turned out that they too were indicators of gut dysbiosis. During this journey Michelle undertook formal study into this field to give structure to her thirst for learning and research about the gut and how it was impacting her health. Having lived the Kultured Wellness journey and finished her qualifications Michelle is now one of our Health Coaches who like her peers have all been through this themselves. What better resources to support you on your journey than someone who understands what you are going through not only at an intellectual level but also a physical and emotional one.


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