Thriving With Autoimmunity

(And Why Gut Health Is The Key!)

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What you'll learn...

Part 1: The Gut-Autoimmune Connection

Gut health plays a huge role in ALL autoimmune diseases. During this video, we'll cover:

✅ The role that gut health plays in your autoimmune condition.
✅ How your gut is responsible for 80% of your immunity. 
✅ What is leaky gut and how does it impact your health?
✅ Why optimal digestion is crucial for thriving with an autoimmune condition.
✅ How pathogenic bacteria can release toxins into your gut.

Session 2: Stealth Infections & How They Impact Autoimmunity

The hidden danger that could be heavily contributing to your condition. During this video, we'll cover:

✅ What are stealth infections and where do they come from?
✅ How stealth infections can hide inside your body.
✅ What Epstein–Barr Virus has to do with 80-90% of autoimmune conditions.
✅ How to modulate your genetic susceptibility to disease.
✅ What can we do to protect against, and fight off stealth infections?

Part 3: How To Thrive With An Autoimmune Condition

Thousands of people around the world are thriving and living normal lives with their autoimmune condition. During this video, we'll cover:

✅ How to set up your gut to be your greatest ally (rather than enemy!)
✅ What to eat in order to thrive on a daily basis.
✅ Why you could actually be having a negative reaction to healthy foods.
✅ How movement, stress, light, hydration, sleep & community all play a role.
✅ What life will feel like once you've mastered your autoimmune condition.

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What others are saying...

Hi, I'm Kirsty!  

The symptoms of my autoimmune condition began around the age of 12. At that time, no one had any idea what was wrong with me and my poor parents struggled to understand what I was experiencing on a daily basis.

Fast-forward over 30 years; both my son, Noah, and I had been "formally" diagnosed with autoimmune conditions. However, by that stage I had already done 10+ years of in-depth research and dramatically reduced our symptoms! This journey inspired me to start my company, Kultured Wellness, which helps people all around the world achieve the same outcomes that we were able to.

After reading thousands of scientific journal articles and speaking with some of the world's foremost specialists in this field, it's absolutely clear to me that people CAN THRIVE with autoimmunity... and my mission is to spread that message to the world!

Introducing your support crew...

Our amazing Kultured Wellness team, who have helped 1000's of people through their health journeys.

Ellen Tattam

Head Naturopath

Ellisa Oaten

Health Coach

Alicia Berry

Health Coach

Kylie Penn

Programs Co-ordinator

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- Kirsty Wirth 😊

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