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With Kirsty Wirth & Cyndi O'Meara


Let's talk about parasites...

A huge portion of clients that we work with at Kultured Wellness have had conditions or life-long symptoms stemming from parasitic infections or worms. Unfortunately, even though these critters are so common, the diagnosis and treatment of them is still in it's infancy within mainstream medicine.

Parasites and worms are one of the main things we get asked about, so I've joined forces with Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits to present this free online workshop in which we’ll explore the impact parasites can have on your health, and discover exactly what you can do about it.

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Workshop Schedule...

Part 1: Parasite 101 Masterclass

Released October 8th

We'll start off by covering the basics in this Parasites and worms 101 Masterclass! We'll explore what they are, how we can contract them, what symptoms you might expect if you have parasites and or worms and finally, what they can do to our health & our bodies if left untreated.

Part 2: The Secret Life Of Parasites

Released October 10th

Where do parasites and worms like to hang out & what exactly do they get up to when they are inside your body? In this video we will also touch on their life-cycle and how they spread as this is crucial in understanding your treatment plan!

Part 3: The Secret Life Of A Parasite Host

Released October 12th

I find this fascinating! Parasites and worms impact their hosts in so many ways - My clients who are struggling with parasites and worms all share very similar characteristics! Cyndi will also share her own experience of this when she went through this process with her daughter, Casie.

Part 4: Preventing Parasites

Released October 15th

For our last video, we're going to talk about the steps you can take to rebalance your gut and ensure you don't suffer from further symptoms. We'll also cover what to do if you pick up a parasite  in the future & which treatment methods may be best for you. 

Bonus 'Fire Side' Chats With Cyndi & Kirsty

Now this is going to be fun!! Every few days, we'll be sharing a little 5 or 10 minute 'fireside' chat! We'll be sharing our own experiences, stories & what we personally do when it comes to parasites. 

Bonus Live Q&As With Kirsty

Throughout the workshop series, you'll have the opportunity to submit any burning questions that we don't cover in the content! I'll jump on a couple of live calls towards the end of the workshop and get through as many as humanly possible ;)


Want to join us? Save your spot below...

If you want to join us for this free workshop, just pop your details below & we will send you your very own invitation to our Private Facebook Group where all the action will be happening!

My message to you...

 I have seen so many times what parasites and worms can do and how damaging they can be to our gut and our entire body. They can literally destroy lives. They can reduce the most vibrant, energetic, smart, funny, strong person down to a person who is anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, weak and riddled with pain.

I support people to learn about gut health because I want to see them shine in all aspects of their lives. I am so passionate about supporting people as when their gut is in balance I see their lives completely reshape. Businesses take off, personal relationships improve, kids begin talking and learning at school, emotions become balanced, pain subsides and suddenly dreamed of holiday come into reality and dream jobs and lifestyles appear.

It’s amazing to watch and I absolutely love what I do.


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