Kultured Wellness One-On-One Programs

The Kultured Wellness Tailored One-On-One Program!

Work with Kirsty & our team of specialist practitioners & health coaches to get individualised support!


Our One-On-One Program Includes...

✅ Regular Consultations With Specialist Health Coaches

Over the 6 month program, you will get 14 x 1 hour consultations with a  Kultured Wellness health coach. They will be there to support you the whole way through your gut health journey. Even outside of these consults, they are available via email and on the private Facebook page to answer any questions along the way.


✅ Consultations With Qualified Kultured Wellness Practitioners 

Our specialist Naturopath's will meet with you intermittently for 3 x 1 hour consults over the 6 month program to ensure your health is on track. They will be able to prescribe supplements and herbs to support your body throughout this program. They will also explore and suggest which tests you need - our approach in this program is test don't guess!


✅ Supportive Private Facebook Group

Our closed Facebook group is nurturing, supportive and facilitated by our experienced Naturopaths and Health Coaches. It’s the safe space to ask all the questions you have been too afraid to ask.

✅ Kultured Wellness Cultures & Books

Over the 6 months, you'll get 20 therapeutic starter cultures - all with free shipping. You will be able to jump online and order these as needed. You will also get a copy of our incredible Gutalicious & Functional Fermentation Books delivered to your door to inspire you to use the cultures in creative ways!


✅ Supportive Online Learning Portal

If you're someone who likes diving into research and understanding why we recommend the things we do, then you will love the supplementary information available to you in our online program portal! This is filled with hundreds of recipes and 6 months worth of self-paced video lessons walking you through each step of the way.



✅ Access To Exclusive Practitioner-Only Supplements

You will be able to purchase our unique, Kultured Wellness herbal tinctures & supplements based on our practitioners recommendations. Our exclusive hand made practitioner only herbals and supporting supplements have been specifically developed and chosen by us, so they are perfect for supporting your body through gut healing. 

Our Unique Approach To Optimal Gut Health

Hundreds of our clients are changing their lives daily and experiencing optimal health. Using the latest research and science our program and our team support you to heal your gut through a unique combination of diet, herbals, supplements, lifestyle and most importantly knowledge!

Over 15 Consultations With Practitioners & Health Coaches

Access To Exclusive Kultured Wellness Practitioner Supplements

Supportive Online Portal With Recipe, Videos & Learning

Supportive Private Facebook Group With Health Coach Support

Meet Kirsty

Kultured Wellness Founder & Gut-Health Expert

Gut health has affected myself and my family. And like you, I want the best for those around me. I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them rebalance their gut and transform their lives. 

I am a Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, Mindd Ambassador, nature lover, traveler, outdoor enthusiast, a wife and mother of two children. 

I am also the founder of Kultured Wellness a company dedicated to providing education, knowledge and products for optimum health and specifically gut health.

I have been featured in many leading podcasts in the wellness space discussing gut health and have been spreading my passion for fermented foods through my book, 'Functional Fermented Nutrition' and my latest book GUTALICIOUS with both selling thousands of copies within Australia and internationally.

Meet Gabi

Kultured Wellness Naturopath 

Gabriella, is a qualified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist. She loves to help, encourage and research ways to improve health through Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy.

From developing a passion to see ‘food as medicine’ as a teenager, Gabriella has made it foundational to support and teach clients how to change the course of their health through understanding the body combining Medical Science and Natural Medicine for a complete approach to health.

Through years of clinical practice, she has developed a widespread understanding of various biochemical processes in the human body and knows that each person is so individual in their needs.

She is highly invested in applying functional pathology testing, evidence based research and treatment methods in her prescription for nutritional and herbal medicine, dietary behaviour, nutrition adequacy and lifestyle support.

Gabriella is excited about educating you along side your treatment plan while supporting you to make any necessary changes in lifestyle.

She is looking forward to working with you.


Meet Your Support Team

There are two main options when it comes to our program - you can either choose to work with one of our incredible health coaches or with Kirsty. You can find out more about our team below.

Meet Ellisa

Kultured Wellness Health Coach

Ellisa is a qualified Integrative and Functional Nutrition health coach, with a background in corporate marketing and running of her own business.  Like many of us, found that the modern day stressors of life and eating the ‘Standard Australian Diet’ was showing signs that were leading to chronic illnesses in her family.

A mum on a mission to turn around her family’s health completed the 6-month Kultured Wellness Gut Health Protocol and therefore fully understands the commitment, requirements, challenges and support that is needed throughout the gut healing journey.  Post program appreciates the experience what it feels like to have a thriving digestion and vibrant energy levels.

A passion in researching and sharing all things about gut and hormone health, Ellisa turned her focus to empowering and supporting individuals and families during the Online Kultured Wellness Protocols.  Offering a unique sense of guiding peers to take control of their health during their healing journey and loves sharing simple easy ways to incorporate nutrient dense whole foods into everyday life.  



Meet Alicia


Kultured Wellness Health Coach

Alicia is a Functional Nutrition Consultant who is passionate about helping and supporting others as they take charge of their own health and wellness. Alicia believes in the healing power of whole foods alongside factors such as lifestyle, stress, thoughts, emotions, sleep, environment and exercise. 

Alicia has worked in the corporate field and in education, it was her most important job as a mum that sparked her love of researching all things
nutrition and gut health. Frustrated with mainstream medical advice, Alicia
successfully managed her son's health problems by researching for herself.
Through the knowledge she gained studying Functional Nutrition, and
undertaking the 6 month Optimal Gut Health program Alicia fully began to
understand the importance of using food as medicine and addressing complex gut issues. Alicia understands the challenges involved in healing and is able to encourage and support others in a compassionate way.




Meet Kylie

Client Programs Manager

Kylie is the client programs manager here at Kultured Wellness. She is uniquely placed to support our clients having a career in health and functional nutrition qualifications. Kylie is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree, a certified GAPS practitioner and a functional Nutrition coach. 

Kylie has also completed the Kultured Wellness 6 month program to address her own gut health issues. The program was transformational for her and her family. Kylie has a passion for gut health, is a super keen fermenter loves the honour and empowerment that comes with providing her family with nourishing whole foods. Kylie also really loves pulling apart the latest research and sharing it in an understandable way, combining evidence, experience and common sense.


Meet Lily

Customer Support

Lily is the beautiful person responding to all of your emails. She has had a passion for health and wellness for most of her life and loves learning about gut health and supporting all of our clients throughout our programs.

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family outdoors, swimming in the ocean, getting creative in the kitchen and the occasional yoga class!


One-On-One Coaching Options...

There are two main options when it comes to our program - you can either choose to work with one of our incredible health coaches or with Kirsty. In both situations, you will also be supported by our Naturopaths. You can find out more about our team and the pricing options below.

Work With Specialist Health Coach & Practitioner


11 x One hour consultations with specialist Health Coach

3 x One hour consultations with specialist Health Coach & Kultured Wellness Practitioner

Private Facebook Group with Kultured Wellness health coach support

Access to 6 months of supplementary online learning & hundreds of gut-health recipes

20 x Kultured Wellness Starter Cultures (With free shipping)

Copy of Gutalucious Book 

Copy of Functional Ferments Book

Payment Plans & Family Options Available, Click The Button Below For More Details
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Work With Kirsty & Specialist Practitioner


11 x  One hour consultations with Health Coach Kirsty Wirth

3 x One hour consultations with Health Coach Kirsty Wirth & Kultured Wellness Practitioner

 Private Facebook Group with Kultured Wellness health coach support

Access to 6 months of supplementary online learning & hundreds of gut-health recipes

20 x Kultured Wellness Starter Cultures (With free shipping)

Copy of Gutalucious Book 

Copy of Functional Ferments Book 

Payment Plans & Family Options Available, Click The Button Below For More Details
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Want To Chat To A Health Coach?

If you have a question about the program or want to know if it will help with your specific health concern, just email us & we'll arrange for one of our health coaches to give you a call!

Are You Ready To Embrace A Healthier Future?

This program represents my last 10 years of dedicated research and development. I have spent thousands of hours of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars travelling the world to find and interview doctors, specialists and leading health practitioners to find out what IS proven to work and where this amazing field of research is developing.  

I love understanding and implementing the latest knowledge in the area of gut health and brain function. Everyone I meet with are equally as excited! Leading doctors and specialists from all over the world are amazed with more and more proof every day.

This area of research is one of the most rapidly evolving spaces and literally millions of lives around the world are being changed every day thanks to a new level of understanding of how to transform your health.

No longer do people need to live with being frustrated, lost, desperate and confused.

Everyday people are now enjoying a new lease on life with all previous symptoms or diagnosis being reversed or eliminated all together!

Kultured Wellness Optimal Gut Health Program is a proven way to implement this knowledge in a format that everyone can experience the same amazing results. 

Achieving rocking gut health and the life and state of mind we all deserve is now a decision, not luck!

Over the past year we have had literally hundreds of people, just like you go through this program with amazing results.

I am so proud and also honoured to be able to support our clients to transform their lives day by day and our program is like nothing else available today.

If you feel this time is right for you, I would love to give you some Kultured Wellness support on your journey to balance your gut, ignite you brain and reshape your life in the fastest way possible.

Kirsty x


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