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It's Not You, It's Your Bugs … 

Join me for a 10 Day FREE Workshop where I explore the connection between your mental health and the state of your gut.  







Mood Swings


Join me to learn about the power your gut has over your mental health... 

This workshop will be run in a private Facebook group and on YouTube with four LIVE & FREE sessions starting on 4th October.  

What is this Workshop about? 

I will be running a workshop which explores the connection between the state of your Gut and your Mental Health. This workshop will include four personalised and interactive sessions, where you can ask me questions directly. You will have access to a private Facebook group where the Kultured Wellness Coaches will be there to answer your questions and support you! 

Date: 4th October 

Time: 8:00pm

  • The role that gut health plays in mental health including anxiety and depression
  • Learn how important your enteric nervous system is for balanced mood
  • How your gut is the engine room for developing your feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.
  • Get to know the bacteria that support great mood

Date: 7th October

Time: 8:00pm

  • Stop blaming yourself and find out the root cause of your mental health challenges

  •  Learn how IBS and functional gut issues can lead to developing anxiety and depression

  •  What is gut dysbiosis and how do we end up with a dysbiotic gut?

  •  How gut dysbiosis can lead to anxiety, depression and mental health issues

Date: 10th October

Time: 8:00pm

  • How to set up your gut so you can produce feel good neurotransmitters
  • The role of probiotics and fermented foods in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • What to eat to bring down the inflammation, rebuild your gut and rewire your brain for joyful resilience
  • Learn the environmental and lifestyle factors that support a balanced gut and mood

Date: 11th October

Time: 1:30pm

  • Recap of the series
  • Join me to discuss your own symptoms 
  • LIVE Question and Answer segment 
  • A chance to ask me anything we covered in this series  

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Join me to learn about the power your gut has over your mental health... 

This workshop will be run in a private Facebook Group and on Youtube with four LIVE & FREE sessions starting on 4th of October.  

Hi, I'm Kirsty!

A little bit about me...I am a Qualified Teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and founder of Kultured Wellness. A company whose mission is to inspire and educate everyone in the importance of gut health and how fundamental it is to our overall health. My goal is to support people to take control of their symptoms and health concerns and be armed with the knowledge and tools needed to turn their health around.

Passion comes from living through trials and tribulations and I sure have had plenty of them!! I have lived with a neurological autoimmune condition, severe gut and pain issues and have had many struggles with mental health due to my health conditions. My resilience and mental health was really stretched to the extreme having lived through the 2004 boxing day Tsunami. I certainly know what low health and mood feels, and looks like. It takes knowledge, focusing on the root cause of the issue, the right tools, support and foods, balanced lifestyle choices and of course rocking gut health to come out the other side and absolutely shine in life. 

Pivotal to my recovery, which is what I want for everyone, was having the right team in my corner. The support and guidance, the coaching, and education came from having the right people in my world who were there for me every day and I would love for myself and the Kultured Wellness team to be that for you.

You should expect to feel joyful, resilient, balanced, happy and motivated. It's not a character flaw, you are not a failure and you are not just prone to poor mental health and have to put up with it because its in the family. This series is just what you need to learn how the health of your gut plays a key role in your mental health and what actionable steps you can take to move from anxious to resilient. 

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