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Confidence in the Kitchen - Nourishing Your Hormones


Registrations are almost open for our next Confidence in the Kitchen Series and we’d love to see you there!


Bloating, irritation, foggy brain, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, being bed ridden, crippling cravings and a debilitating menstrual cycle… These are all signs that your HORMONES ARE OUT OF WHACK and guess what?



This Healing your Hormones series is a MUST know for every mum, woman and teenager and here’s why…..


We promise this series, once completed, will transform your relationship with food as well as your body. 

Right now, you probably feel there are times you don’t even know yourself as your hormones have a life of their own and you’re just being dragged along for the ride!

We get it!! 

That’s why we created the HORMONE series! 

It’s time for you to take your life back!

It’s time to heal those hormones from the inside out, and it all starts with your 


We will show you:

What to cook, 

When to cook it, 

With all the how, instructions, recipes, 

shopping lists,

LIVE interactive cooking classes – Yep! That’s right LIVE with me!

Access to our online community to stay connected and inspired


BONUS surprises as our gift to you!


Join the Waitlist Now!

Get updates on our Confidence in the Kitchen Classes


We know it’s hard to wait for something you’re ready for right now. 

Again, we get it….

The moment you join our wait list, we’re going to deliver to your inbox the number one Hormone Health Hazard that’s right under your nose right now. 


We’re also going to share the seven most disruptive triggers to your hormones and how you can use FOOD to swing your rhythm in the right direction for you. 


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I can’t wait!


Much love, Kirsty xxx

Confidence in the Kitchen cooking classes provides you with...


Build upon your already existing kitchen skills and learn techniques you can implement to enhance the nutritional component of your meals.


Gain the confidence you will need to make recipes that will continuously nourish your gut. Feel confident in being led by Kirsty each week to help guide you to become an expert in preparing gut friendly meals, and snacks.


Connect with like minded people in a facebook group everyday to share you kitchen creations. Meet up LIVE every week and feel supported by those also on a journey to health their gut with nourishing food.

8 Weeks of Online Classes with Kirsty

Week 1: Supporting your Hormone Cycle (21st July) 

Week 2: Creating Consistent and Balanced Energy All day (28th July)

Week 3: Detoxing hormones with Fibre (4th August) 

Week 4: Love Your Liver (11th August)

Week 5: Nourishing Your Thyroid (18th August)

Week 6: Achieving Quality Sleep (25th August)

Week 7: Fats for Hormones (1st September)

Week 8: Daily Hacks for Hormones (8th September) 

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Join the Waitlist Now!

Get updates on our Confidence in the Kitchen Classes

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