Thank You For Submitting Your Stories!

What we have found from your Case Study Submissions....


13% have a clinical diagnosis of Depression

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

36% Are diagnosed with IBS

Long Term Symptoms

84% have experienced their symptoms for 8 years or MORE!


63% Are currently taking some sort of prescribed medication





What is the Case Study Series about?

Quite simply... you! This series is about our community, your stories, your symptoms and your barriers. 

We asked for your stories and now our team of clinical practitioners will take a deeper look at, and address the complex patient issues and reoccurring symptoms that are being experienced by members within our community.

Over the course of one week, Kirsty and Ellen will present  your case studies LIVE in an intimate and interactive series.


Cases we will analysed in this series...

Case Study 1: A Gut in Distress 

Gut Dysbiosis & Altered Digestion

In this webinar we discuss Jane, a 50 year old social worker with 20 years of reflux symptoms. Jane suffers with abdominal bloating, fatigue, extensive rashes which do not respond to any steroid treatments. Find out what testing and interventions Jane would benefit from to make positive progress with her health.  


Case Study 2: Your Tired Hormones

Adrenals, Thyroid & Hormones

Webinar number two is the clinical case study of Peta. Peta is a 42 year old mother of two. Peta has had irregular menstrual cycles, a history of post natal depression, hair thinning, fatigue, and low libido. A busy mum with significant hormonal imbalances, we explore her case history and recommendations our team would make for her to reshape her health. 


Case Study 3: The Body Under Threat

Pain, Immune Function & Inflammation

For our final webinar, Kirsty and Ellen explore the case of Sandra, who has a body in a state of alarm. Sandra has joint pain, depression, significant anxiety and frequent use of pain killers. Unable to sleep well and with years of constipation, we tease apart the many issues affecting her quality of life. Join us to learn about those drivers of chronic inflammation that affect every part of well being. 


Introducing Our Team

Our amazing Kultured Wellness team, who have a combined 35 years of clinical experience...

Ellen Tattam

Head Naturopath

Gabriella Sassi


Kylie Penn

Programs Co-ordinator, Registered Nurse and GAPS Practitioner

Monique Hastie

Qualified Nutritionist

Alicia Berry

Health Coach

Ellisa Oaten

Health Coach

Hi, I'm Kirsty!  

Director & Founder of Kultured Wellness

And I am a passionate educator with a mission to ensure that everyone has access to the latest information on all topics relating to the gut.

I am here because like most people I have had health challenges that have been significant and unfortunately I didn't have access to much needed knowledge until late in my life. If I had access to the kind of information I know now my life would have been extremely different and so would the health of my kids. So my aim is to ensure that I reach as many people as possible to educate and inspire everyone to know that there is hope and we can make a change to find health and vitality.

Want to find out how we can help? 


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