Meet The Team...

Kirsty Wirth: Founder

Kirsty Wirth is a Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, Mindd Ambassador, nature lover, traveler, outdoor enthusiast, a wife and mother of two children. Kirsty is also the founder of Kultured Wellness a company dedicated to providing education, knowledge and products for optimum health and specifically gut health.

Her area of interest lies in making all types of fermented gut loving foods, using food as our number one medicine, understanding the science around gut health and brain neurogenesis and how the correct lifestyle, environment and diet can positively impact gut health.

Drawing on years of research and applying what she’s learnt in the treatment of herself and her own son, Kirsty now educates others on how to investigate the root cause behind underlying health conditions and how vital diet, environmental and lifestyle changes can be. She is also the brain child behind the development of the Kultured Wellness Program and lifestyle. The program being so successful in providing support, education and guidance to those who wish to rebuild their gut and in fact their lives and find optimum health.

She is truly passionate about the health of our community and especially the health of our children ensuring our next generation reaches their full potential.

Gabriella Sassi: Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Gabriella, is a degree qualified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist. She loves to help, encourage and research ways to improve health through Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy.

From developing a passion to see ‘food as medicine’ as a teenager, Gabriella has made it foundational to support and teach clients how to change the course of their health through understanding the body combining Medical Science and Natural Medicine for a complete approach to health.

Through years of clinical practice, she has developed a widespread understanding of various biochemical processes in the human body and knows that each person is so individual in their needs.

She is highly invested in applying functional pathology testing, evidence based research and treatment methods in her prescription for nutritional and herbal medicine, dietary behaviour, nutrition adequacy and lifestyle support.

Gabriella is excited about educating you along side your treatment plan while supporting you to make any necessary changes in lifestyle.

She is looking forward to working with you.


Jade Nelson-Chapman: Naturopath

Jade, is a qualified Naturopath and also makes our delicious, therapeutic cultures. She has keen interest in the gut-brain axis & how gut health impacts mental health.

Her interest in all things health and wellness stems from her years as a sports athlete competing in Surf Life Saving and having grown up in Byron Bay. Jade has now been on the Sunshine Coast for a decade and been working with Kultured Wellness for the past couple of years. 

When Jade isn't working, you will more than likely find her at the beach froliking in the water with her dog or shopping up a storm at the local farmers market. 


Candice Bauer: Client Programs Co-ordinator & SmartDNA Practitioner

Candice is the client programs coordinator here at Kultured Wellness. She is uniquely placed to support our clients. Candice is a Registered Nurse with a post graduate degree and over a decades experience, a SmartDNA practitioner and Functional Nutrition coach. 

Candice's passion for holistic health was sparked after encountering her own health challenges, and wanting to get to the root cause. This passion has continued to grow since becoming a mum, and is now a fire within to be her healthiest self possible. 

She LOVES food and being outdoors. In her spare time you will find her at the beach or in the kitchen creating food to nourish her family.

Candice is also super curious, loves learning and looking at the latest research about all things holistic health and wellness. Most importantly, she loves sharing this information with everyone in an easy to digest way, to inspire and empower the individual to make healthy, sustainable, lasting change. 

Kylie Penn: Integrative Nutrition Coach & GAPS Practitioner 

Kylie is an Integrative Nutrition Coach, GAPS practitioner and Buteyko Breathing practitioner. Kylie has a Masters in Nursing and is informed by her 20 years of acute and chronic care practice in Nursing. Kylie is passionate about true partnerships between the client and practitioner.

Patient centred practice, evidenced based practice and food as medicine are her areas of passion. 

In 2015 Kylie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which drove her desire to look for root cause solutions to chronic health problems. This began her passion for a ‘food as medicine’ approach combined with the latest scientific research in the physiology and nutrition.

Kylie also loves to focus on the key aspects of sleep, sunlight, movement and social connection as key to achieving wellbeing, and believes that every person needs a coach to achieve optimal results. The human body is innately built to heal when we support it. Breaking all of this down into understandable and achievable chunks is a focus of Kylies coaching.

Lily Rodden: Customer Support

Lily is the beautiful person responding to all of your emails. She has had a passion for health and wellness for most of her life and loves learning about gut health and supporting all of our clients throughout our programs.

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family outdoors, swimming in the ocean, getting creative in the kitchen and the occasional yoga class!


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