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Understanding the

Gut-Hormone Connection


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Why I am Offering this Workshop? 

Quite simply... it breaks my heart to see how many clients come to work with us at Kultured Wellness and they are dealing with conditions and symptoms such as PCOS, endometriosis, infertility issues, mood swings, skin issues, pain and cramps and irregular cycles, hot flushes and mood swings and the worst of all brain fog and memory issues which then means it's even harder to piece together what is happening. 
These symptoms of hormone imbalance can be re-balanced. It's actually quite simple and I am so keen to share this information with you so you can be empowered to make changes and start feeling awesome. 

What you'll learn...

Part 1: The Gut-Autoimmune Connection

Gut health plays a huge role in ALL hormone conditions. During this video I cover:

✔️ The role that gut health plays in balancing your hormones
✔️ The hormone conditions and  symptoms that are surpringly deeply rooted in your gut health
✔️ Why optimal digestion is crucial for hormone health and how it can help Oestrogen driven conditions                                                                                              ✔️How to nourish your gut so it's a hormone balancing machine                                                                                    

Part 2: How our Amazing Microbes Regulate our Hormones.

This video covers so many exciting topics with guest expert Hayley Parcell from Microba. We discuss:

✔️ An overview of the gut-hormone connection from a microbes perspective
✔️ What is the Estrobolome and how does it support estrogen detoxification?
✔️The role of beta-glucuronidase and how it’s presence helps us assess hormone clearance.
✔️ What microbes we see playing a big role in the estrobolome

Part 3: How to Achieve Balance with YOUR Gut-Hormone Connection.

This is an absolute must see video featuring our very own Naturopath Ellen Tattam. We cover the following:

✔️ How to assess if you have a gut hormone imbalance. What are the tests we recommend?
✔️ The role of bacteria and liver function with hormone health 
✔️ Other factors impacting the gut-hormone connection (e.g environmental toxins with xenoestrogens)
✔️ Stress, the silent house wrecker causing your hormones to move out!!!
✔️ Tips, tools and hacks on what to do on a daily basis to support your hormones                                                                                                                                ✔️ What life feels like once you have balanced your hormones

Part 4: DUTCH Test Report Run Through

Watch our head Naturopath Ellen Tattam take you through a mock DUTCH test report. Ellen will teach you:

✔️ What a DUTCH test is and what information it provides?
✔️ The full range and scope of the test 
✔️ What your results might mean for you and your health
✔️ Actionable steps we can take based on the results



Are you ready to balance your hormones?

Join me for this FREE online workshop to discover the tips, tools and health hacks that will allow you to begin to rebalance your hormones. 

Hi, I'm Kirsty!  

And I am a passionate educator with a mission to ensure that everyone has access to the latest information on all topics relating to the gut and in this case it's the Gut-Hormone connection.

I am here because like most people I have had health challenges that have been significant and unfortunately I didn't have access to much needed knowledge until late in my life. If I had access to the kind of information I know now my life would have been extremely different and so would the health of my kids. So my aim is to ensure that I reach as many people as possible to educate and inspire everyone to know that there is hope and we can make a change to find health and vitality.

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Introducing your support crew...

Our amazing Kultured Wellness team, who have helped 1000's of people through their health journeys will support you during the workshop answering all your questions.

Gabriella Sassi


Kylie Penn

Programs Co-ordinator, Registered Nurse and GAPS Practitioner

Alicia Berry

Health Coach

Ellisa Oaten

Health Coach

Will you join us?

I know that time is your most valuable asset, so I promise this workshop will be worth every second. 

I hope you can join us! 

- Kirsty Wirth 😊


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